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"STARS GROUP" Official Retailer For Geox Shoes In Jordan
Stars Group is a leading fashion retail company that operates winning-award brands through chain of stores spread across Jordan. The first multibrand store called Shoe Mart was opened in 2002.
Few years later we acquired our first international franchise, Geox - the premier Italian brand -. As a result of our remarkable success, which has placed Geox on the top ranking brands' list in Jordan, we succeeded to get onboard other international brands such as Skechers and Crocs Yet, our journey has just begun and we are eager to acquire other exciting international brands to join our success story.
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GEOX, technology and innovation


GEOX is the premier Italian footwear brand known for its invention of the “shoe that breathes".

The word GEOX is made up of Geo (from the Greek word for “earth”) and X (symbolising advanced technology developed in Italian laboratories and protected by patents on an international level).

This name captures the essence of our efforts and energies, our drive and know-how and our care and attention to detail, as we place research at the service of quality and everyday elegance.

We invest in innovation and create footwear and apparel to cosset you with all the comfort you deserve, boosting your levels of well-being and ensuring that you feel good at all times.


Geox stores: excellence in the retail sector

At Geox, innovation and style fuse to deliver a customer-centric shopping experience. Each single detail is carefully curated to make sure that you enjoy premium-quality products and omni-channel services in a distinctive welcoming atmosphere. From the courtesy and professionalism of our staff to an obsessive attention to details, Geox goes to extreme lengths to guarantee a shopping experience that exceeds expectations. Welcome to a world where your satisfaction comes before all else and where retail excellence becomes a shopper's way of life. With Geox, each step is an opportunity to discover retail excellence and fall in love with it